Navigating social situations is something everyone has to deal with. Whether its conversing with coworkers or meeting your mother-in-law for coffee, social situations provide the opportunity to connect, or in some cases disconnect, with the people in our lives. Sometimes I fully embrace social settings, but other times they seem dry and ominous. According to a recent article, reading literary fiction can help you perform better in social settings.

Published in the journal Science, this study found that people who read literary fiction, opposed to popular or serious fiction, perform better on tests measuring empathy, social perception and emotional intelligence. The researchers based their conclusion on the fact that literary fiction leaves more to the imagination regarding emotional nuances and complexity.

Since human beings are social creatures, it is helpful to be confident and trusting of your abilities in the social arena. By reading more literary fiction, you can boost your social skills and become more emotionally aware. Even more importantly, you may just rediscover your love for a good book. So, get out there and start reading!

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