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This week's guest posts cover career-switching, social media and professionalism, and the perils of multitasking.

  • There are three things that matter when searching for a job, including the number of measurable accomplishments on a resume. [PayScale]
  • Don't kill your career. Here are five things you should avoid. [PayScale]
  • "Would I be happier in a startup environment?" This is just one of four questions you should ask yourself when switching careers. [PayScale]
  • This infographic will shed light on the trust you can or cannot have in employees who work from home. [PayScale]
  • Is social media making you less professional? According to this survey, it is. [PayScale]
  • Practice makes perfect if you have 10,000 hours to kill. [PayScale]
  • The chronically unemployed have their own reality show: "Get to Work" will run on The Sundance Channel. [PayScale]
  • A one-track mind could be the best way to ensure productivity. Multitasking could be the killer of it, according to this infographic. [PayScale]
  • Google is known for being one of the best companies to work for, but for some employees in their Motorola division, the good times have come to an end. [PayScale]
  • In under a half hour, 'Color Me Rad' manages to color patrons fun, yet fast. [CalorieLab]
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