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Marissa Brassfield

5 Ways to Reset When You Lose Focus

Even the most productive people on the planet lose focus. Knowing how to self-manage and regain composure separates the best from the rest. Here are five of the ways I cope when I lose focus. 1. Rest It may seem simple, but fatigue and cognition don't mix. Multiple...

Rosemina Nazarali

Media Multitasking is Making You Dumb

Multitasking isn't just bad for productivity, it's also bad for our brains. A recent study from the University College of London suggests that multitasking on several devices at once can actually hinder your brain's cognitive ability. [contextly_sidebar id="S01qcvpOjdry4rIfVVZG0Mhqopzkk8iU"] Neuroscientists Lee...

Rosemina Nazarali

The Ugly Truth About Meetings [Infographic]

Traditionally, meetings were meant has a means to productively brainstorm, discuss upcoming project and make decisions. However, many meetings tend to have the opposite effect on employees involved as, too often than not, meetings tend to be boring, inefficient, and don't lead companies any closer to their goals....

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