what kind of smart are you

Intelligence in the workplace is more than just having a high IQ or being especially skilled in a a certain field. A good, solid team is one that includes different types of intelligence. The infographic below from Best Education Degrees outlines the many types of intelligences and how they fit into the workplace.

One such intelligence type is logical-mathematical. These are the team members that have great reasoning skills and are able to perceive relationships. Examples of professions include accountants, programmers, lawyers, engineers, physicians and scientists.

A type of intelligence that is a valued characteristic for leaders is interpersonal intelligence. These team members are able to understand the motives and feelings of others. Great professions for those who are interpersonally intelligent include actors, mediators, managers, psychologists, teachers and nurses.

There is also linguistic intelligence, which allows people to grasp complex meanings and have strong speaking and reading skills. Those with linguistic intelligence tend to be journalists, editors, marketing consultants, politicians, lawyers and newscasters.

Learn more about workplace intelligences in the infographic below.

what kind of smart are you infographic
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