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The next time you feel like kicking off your shoes and relaxing out in front of the television, don't feel guilty about it: the right TV shows contain several valuable business lessons.

  • It could be argued that "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" opened the door for all of the vamp-induced mania that followed. Although the show left the airwaves nearly a decade ago, it's still continuing to open doors even in the world of business. Here are five lessons startups can learn from Buffy and her team of slayers. [Forbes]
  • Sure, there are many lessons you probably don't want to learn from AMC's "Mad Men," but there are also some really good lessons you should hold onto, such as the tried-and-true "Earned Respect vs. Expected Respect." [Elite Daily]
  • Oprah Winfrey has taken a lot of heat for the struggles her OWN Network has endured. That doesn't mean you should count the media mogul out just yet. Here are five important lessons all startups can learn from the launch of OWN. [MSN]
  • Reality TV offers a flurry of business lessons. Whether it's the importance of strategy on shows such as "Survivor" or the value of listening to feedback on a show like "American Idol," here are seven tips to remember. [AlignTech Solutions]
  • Some people see TV personalities such as Gordon Ramsay and Tabatha Coffey as tyrants, but their shows can offer powerful insight about business ownership. In fact, mentoring and makeover shows can unlock key truths about entrepreneurship and help you prepare for the cutthroat world of business. []
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