Each week, I contribute dozens of articles on the workplace, fitness and productivity to a variety of Web properties. Here are some of my favorite posts from this week.

  • Measure Your Personal Productivity Quotient With David Allen's GTD-Q Test [PayScale]
  • Does Your Resume Include These 10 No-Nos? [PayScale]
  • To Succeed, Don't Emulate Bill Gates [PayScale]
  • RIM and Nokia Shed Over 10,000 Workers in Latest Round of Tech Layoffs [PayScale]
  • Can a Boss-Free Office Boost Employee Engagement? [PayScale]
  • Mashable Holds Online Career Expo for Digital Talent [PayScale]
  • 5 Ways to Foster a Culture of Civility in the Workplace [PayScale]
  • Crave Success? Don't Start a Business With Your Friends [PayScale]
  • Does Social Media Help or Hurt the Workplace? [infographic] [PayScale]
  • Test-Driving the Camp Pendleton Mud Run: Marines, Mud and Music [CalorieLab]
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