5 productivity tips

Becoming more productive requires time, patience and whole lot of will power. But, you won't get anywhere if you don't take advice from some of the busiest and most productive people out there. The below infographic from Open Forum provides five useful productivity tups from incredibly busy people.

Jason Goldberg, the CEO of Fab.com, says you should focus on one thing. Successful entrepreneurs are those who pick one thing to do and become really good at doing that one thing. Then, they can focus on what steps to take so that their businesses can thrive.

Gary E. McCullough of the Career Education Corp. suggests cutting your meeting times in half. If someone asks for an hour meeting, give them 30 minutes. The meetings become more efficient, and you'll give yourself more time in your day.

Many successful businesspeople thrive by waking up early. Many will begin their days before 6am, giving themselves ample time to engage in a morning routine before getting to work. For those that love to sleep in, try waking up just 15 minutes earlier at a time until you are waking up at an ideal hour.

See more productivity tips in the infographic below.

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