happy employees

A happy employee is a productive employee. When people are happy with their jobs, they will feel motivated connected to the company's goals. So, how can you tell if your employees are happy? Here are three tell-tale signs.

1. They go beyond the call of duty. A person who is happy with their job will always do their best work, and do more than what is expected of them. Whereas a person who is unhappy will try to get by with doing just the bare minimum. By going beyond the call of duty, an employee is proving their loyalty to their team and the company.

2. They share ideas. Happy employees will be willing to share new ideas and are always willing to talk to management. This also comes down to management styles -- leaders should listen an be responsive to the ideas employees present. In this type of open environment, employees will also feel more open to receiving feedback and will respond better to criticism.

3. They practice positive thinking. A person who is happy in general, will always see the glass as half-full. However, management can promote this -- just encourage positive thinking by practicing it yourself. An optimistic outlook can help to make anyone happier, which leads to higher levels of productivity.

How do you gauge the happiness of your employees?

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