Do you have an energy vampire in your midst?

You know who I'm talking about: People who instantly draw all the energy out of a room. Some constantly complain or tell stories about dramatic relationships or friendships. Others shoot down your ideas without giving alternatives, or immediately share all the reasons a particular idea won't work.

No matter their modus operandi, they all take more than they give. Energy vampires will suck all the energy and creativity out of you, if you let them.

The easy solution is to cut them out of your life -- immediately, and without fanfare.

But what if the energy vampire is someone you can't fire, like your boss, spouse, business partner, neighbor or childhood friend? These cases require different approaches -- and rebellious ones, at that.

I'm an experienced energy vampire slayer, and I've started to put my best, time-tested strategies together in an archive called REBEL. On July 1, we opened it up to members, who we call Rebels, for a nominal monthly fee. You'll learn how to maximize the time you spend with energy-givers, minimize your exposure to energy vampires, and create an inner circle that enables your most effective self.

Head here to learn more.

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