Facebook perks

One of the nicest things about working for a big company is all the perks. From health insurance to free lunches, large corporations entice job candidates and gain employee retention by providing them with a long list of benefits. The infographic below from InsightLink outlines the best perks from some of the world's biggest companies.

At Google, employees are treated to on-site doctors and medical services to ensure that workers can be treated without waiting in long lines. Their perks also include yoga and massages, free car washes, and free meals.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has implemented "Panda Fridays," which gives employees every other Friday off to spend time with their families. During every lunch hour, there is a special presentation on a variety of topics, including biodiversity and Amazonian wildlife.

Facebook employees get a long list of perks ranging from complimentary transportation, free meals and a gym membership. They also have free dry cleaning, free bike repair, and a vending machine that is full of free computer accessories.

Learn more about big company benefits in the infographic below.

Best Employee Benefits From Big Companies
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