I love gatherings in which loads of creative people pour out amazing ideas. Radical thoughts seem to flow out of some minds effortlessly. Organizations drool over brainstorming sessions like this but often time, despite the amazing idea, nothing comes from the brainstorming session. Why is this?

Recent studies are showing that a unique group of people is ideal for creating fresh ideas, but it is the traditional conformist who can actually turn these ideas into products and services that raise the productivity for organizations. Often times the cutting edge tendencies of innovators are inclined to create conflict and break rules. Enter the innovator: Someone who gets along with others, works to build team unity, and adheres to the rules. By coupling creative people with others who may be less creative but more functional, one can build a team that actually turns ideas into solutions.

As you assemble teams in your organization, consider each member carefully. Although innovators are a must, don't overlook the importance of those who are able to put these ideas into motion, and boost the productivity of the group as a whole. There is also a type of person who doesn't fall into the category of an innovator or a non-conformist. There is a major importance in these 'none of the above' minds because they are able to bridge gaps between people who think differently.

A productive team is one that has a blend of people, all of whom think and perform differently. Bringing these different mindsets together will boost your team's productivity and turn ideas into actual products and services. Bring conformists and creatives together for maximum efficiency!

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