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Researchers have deemed today, the day after the spring time shift, Cyberloaf Monday due to the massive productivity losses that occur compared to previous and future Mondays. Professors from Penn State, Singapore Management University, National University of Singapore and Virginia Tech analyzed six years of Google data and found that lost sleep on the previous Sunday is to largely to blame.

How can employees fight this fatigue? Here are a handful of my suggestions:

  • Devote today to cranking out small tasks. These will eventually add up to a productive day, I promise.
  • Make time for some midday yoga. Deep breathing and mindful poses make yoga a great way to stave off the afternoon lull, which will be even worse on Cyberloaf Monday.
  • Tackle a brainless organization task. Sometimes your body just needs to zone out and go on autopilot.
  • Give yourself predetermined periods for surfing on the Web. Cyberloaf Monday is marked by employees using the Internet for personal reasons instead of work. Fight this by scheduling a half-hour in the morning and another in the afternoon for Reddit trolling, then forcing yourself to "earn" this time with productive work periods.
  • Take a nap. I'm a huge believer in power naps during the day -- for me, they work better than coffee or even exercise.
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