worker asleep at desk

Employee morale directly influences team productivity and efficiency, and today's must-reads focus on how to keep your office motivated.

  • Instead of focusing on why your employees are quitting their jobs, focus on how you can regain your employees' trust by inspiring and motivating them. [Recognize This!]
  • Forget bonuses and higher salaries: what employees really want is recognition and appreciation. [American Express OPEN Forum]
  • It doesn't take a ton of money to show your team you care about them. This article shares 30 low-cost ways to show employees they're highly valued. [Fast Company]
  • Lost productivity due to worker disengagement costs U.S. businesses over $300 billion every year. [BusinessWeek]
  • Five simple ways to reward your all-star employees. [Inc.]
  • Toss out the idea of "best practices" if you want to boost employee productivity and morale. [Chartered Management Institute]
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