desk rage infographic

Work is stressful. A slew of studies will tell you the same thing, but most of us already know this to be true. Even if you have your dream job, it will still cause some sense of stress in your life and the life of your employees. The infographic below from Column Five outlines the signs of an overworked employee.

If an employee is stressed out, they'll begin to show signs of it -- whether in their mood in the work they produce. These signs can include anger, fatigue, an attempt to change work hours, and calling in sick more frequently. More than half of American workers have admitted to calling in sick when they weren't actually ill, with 62% of those saying it was due to work stress.

The infographic also outlines the three most common reactions to stress. First, employees will begin to appear restless, unable to focus and unable to sit still. The other extreme is those who have no energy and are generally withdrawn. Lastly are the workers who show no emotion but are actually constantly agitated.

Learn more about the signs of a stressed out employee in the infographic below.

desk rage infographic
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