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There are those of us who operate just fine on 4-6 hours of sleep a night. Then there are those of us who think we operate just fine on 4-6 hours of sleep a night. Whether you fall into the first or second class, sleep is an important factor in any business person's life. By sleeping the right amount each night, you can drastically improve your day time productivity. In her recent article on Brazeen Careerist, Helena Pilih shares how to take charge of your productivity at work by taking charge of your sleep.

Disillusion Yourself Although you may feel great after just a few hours of sleep each night, chances are you don't completely know what you would feel like after a full night's sleep. To lose the illusion of feeling great after little sleep, compare your productivity levels to those of someone who sleeps 7-8 hours every night.

Set Goals By creating benchmarks for your sleep, you can easily take charge of when you go to sleep, and when you wake up. Ease into these new goals, and understand that adjusting your sleep schedule takes time and dedication. But once you reach your goals, the hard work pays off twofold.

Automate the Process Create patterns and routines in the evening and the morning. This will help you psychologically prepare for sleep, and your daytime activities.

What You Cannot do in Moderation, Avoid Completely This step is a direct reference to naps and the snooze button. Napping can be great refresher, but can easily turn into all-afternoon slumbers. If you choose to nap, strictly enforce the timelines you designate. The same can be said for the snooze button. When it's time to wake up, do it!

The Result Changing your sleep schedule to properly account for the correct amount of sleep can revitalize your life, and your productivity. Although doing so can take a large amount of effort, getting enough sleep at night is essential to functioning at your highest level during the day. Don't hesitate, give it a shot!

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