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No matter what to-do list hacks and methods you use, there is always that one task that seems to linger around because you are simply dreading completing it. It's one of those things that can't be delegated or outsourced, so you have to complete it yourself (but you really don't want to!). Scott Dockweiler of The Daily Muse suggested using accountability to finally check-off that one dreaded to-do.

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Choose a friend or coworker that simply won't let you off the hook, that one friend that always calls you out when you have fallen off the wagon or have been a bit of a mess lately. Then send them the following email:

Hey there,
So, I have to do [terrible task you don’t want to do].
I’m really dreading it, because [the main reason you’ve been putting it off].
But it’s important that I do it, because [key reason it needs to be done].
I’m going to start on it [time that you’ll start working on it—ideally within one business day of when you’re sending the email].
And I’m going to finish it by [insert a reasonable deadline for yourself].
If you don’t hear from me by then, will you start harassing me in an unreasonable manner until I get it done?
I’m not joking. Flogging. Screaming. Whatever you have to do.
Happy to return the favor,
[Your name]

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This might seem a bit out there, but Dockweiler swears it works. It sets a deadline, provides you with a reward upon completion, and it holds you accountable to someone that simply won't let you off the hook. Dockweiler adds that simply sending the email is motivation enough to get the task done.

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