coffee at laptop

This Mindflash infographic shows the various ways in which employees fuel their workday -- from gas for their cars to coffee and lunch -- and how employers can better meet these demands. For example, half of the U.S. workforce purchases coffee during work hours, spending some $1,092 a year on the stuff, but 22 percent indicated that they'd cut back on this expense if better coffee was offered in the office.

An even better opportunity for an employee perk involves the daily commute. Some 85 percent of the U.S. workforce commutes to work, which costs them an average of $1,476 a year. And 35 percent spend $101 or more a month just to get to work. Nearly half -- 42 percent -- want employers to reimburse them for commuting or transportation expenses.

Check out the full Mindflash infographic below. Managers, does it inspire you to reshape some of the perks and initiatives in your office?

coffee at work infographic
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