One of a blogger's many responsibilities is building backlinks to boost SEO, and this infographic of link-building tactics shows an array of strategies to do so. You might think that link building is only for big blogs that focus more on pageviews than content, but if you've ever tweeted a link to your latest blog post or shared it on Facebook, you've already participated in one tactic of link building: linkbaiting. Linkbaiting leverages the effect of social media. Perhaps you've been lucky enough to see one of your posts go viral on StumbleUpon or Digg, or experienced the flood of traffic that comes from one influential retweet or +1. Search engines are increasingly valuing social media signals (see this article for how Google and Bing use them for search results), which makes this form of linkbaiting even more relevant for a blogger trying to boost his or her readership.

To learn about other link-building tactics, check out the infographic below (click for a larger version):

link building tactics infographic


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