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Imagine sitting in a room filled with 20 people who are the best in the world in their respective industries. What would you ask them? How would they respond? Below you will find some insights that I gained while attending Bo Eason’s “The Best” event. [Tweet "Feel the fear and do it anyway. -Jeff Spencer"]

When asked the question, “What does it take to be the best in the world at what you do” everyone in the room gave slightly different answers. Some of their responses included: staying disciplined, being committed to the small things, wanting it more than your competitors, learning from the best, and simply showing up. All said and done, it came down to one statement made by Jeff Spencer. He said, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” When an individual is capable of performing at a very high level, that is exactly what needs to happen. It is natural to have fear or anxiety when you are competing at that high of a level, but you do it anyway and oust the competition. It ends up being that simple. With the right amount of practice and a great mindset you are equipped to compete at the highest level and run among the best.

When you think of those individuals who are the best in the world at what they do are they the ones sitting on the sidelines talking a big game and thinking of every reason why something can’t happen. No they are not. They are the individuals, the predators who are not afraid to run side by side the best in the industry and make a name for themselves. They are humble because they have nothing to prove to anyone. They are not sideline dwellers. In order to be the best you have to overcome the fear and compete with the best. You cannot simply settle for second place. In order to do this you must have targets. Without setting a target you will miss every time. Below is a 4-step plan to be the Best.

1. Declaration:

In order to be the best, you must declare that you are the best at a given thing. Write out a declaration statement that clearly states your vision in order for it to become a reality. Say no to everything else that is in opposition to that declaration because it will only distract you and slow you down. Build a timeline that fits your vision. Elongate your timeline; nothing great is built overnight. Build the stamina to create your own destiny. Create an intimate relationship with your future self by creating a clear vision of what you have to do now to make a valuable impact in 20 years. Become a “lifer” not a temporary by creating something that can be sustained and does not just satisfy an immediate want or desire. Finally, embody your declaration and share it with the world because once you do people can’t wait to take part in your journey and help make your vision come true.

2. Preparation: [Tweet "You cannot experience comfort while in the pursuit of greatness. -@Runt21"]

Every individual who is great at a certain thing has a sacred relationship to practice. Identify what specific skill sets you need to be the best in the world to make your declaration come true. Fall in love with practicing these things every day so that when it is game time you don’t even have to think about the next play, it just comes naturally. Never have a plan B. If you have a plan B, plan A will never work because you know there is a security blanket to fall back on. You have to accept and expect nothing short of the best. Finally, Bo says, “You cannot experience comfort while in the pursuit of greatness.” Never get comfortable, complacent, or domesticated; prepare for greatness.

3. Acceleration:

In order for the declaration to come true and preparation to pay off, you have to be ready to fully accelerate so that you are ahead of the game and your competition. In order to do this you have to be in great physical condition so that your body can keep up with your mind. Second, access what Bo likes to call your own raw animal instinct. It is okay to be a predator. It is okay for people to fear you. He even recommends studying the movements and behaviors of an animal. Embrace those animal instincts and make them a part of who you are. No one will know what you are doing or what has changed, all they will know is that they can’t look away. The ones that acknowledge their predator instinct actually provide safety to the rest of us. When you acknowledge and unleash this instinct in a healthy competitive way you become an example, not a warning. Finally, master the expression of your vision. When you are clear about your vision and have mastered how to express it, you will surely be unstoppable.

4. Domination: [Tweet "We are born relentless. We are taught to relent. -@attackathletics"] Put together a great team because no one wins alone. This team can be composed of colleagues, friends, and mentors, anyone who pushes you to make your declaration become a reality. This group needs to be the elite of the elite, a delta force if you will. You are a racehorse and in order for people to keep up you cannot afford to surround yourself with anyone or anything less than the best. As Tim Grover says, “We are born relentless, we are taught to relent.” Be relentless. This is the domination phase. This is when you finally reach greatness, when you are finally “The BEST.”

Bo Eason is a former NFL-er, and current actor and playwright. He is a story coach who teaches professionals all over the world how to craft their personal stories and become effective, persuasive communicators. You can lean more about his work here.

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