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I'm often asked if I have a productivity mantra -- a word or short phrase that centers me and helps me focus. I used to say that it was "work hard, play harder," but if I'm honest, that's not it. This phrase certainly explains my approach, but it's not my rallying cry.

My productivity mantra isn't even a real word -- at least, not one that you'd find in the dictionary. But it can snap me out of any funk, give me the kick in the butt I need to move forward, and inspire me to push past any obstacle.


Made-up? Yes. Silly and a bit profane? Sure. But there's no denying the impact of this word for me.

So effective at getting things done that no one has reason to force inefficient processes on me or my team.

So laser-focused on priorities and peak performance that no one can question my hustle.

So committed to only spending time with people who inspire me that the pretenders and energy-suckers get naturally filtered out, leaving only A-players.


What's your productivity mantra?

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