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Ambitions aren't goals, not really anyway. Most people have these ambitions in mind, these destinations of where we want to end up. However, we lack in our ability to map our way to these goals, ambitions and destinations. Productivity expert Ari Meisel suggests setting micro-goals to help you map your way to the end destination.

Meisel says people tend to set unrealistic goals for themselves -- they have a destination in mind but they haven't plotted out their journey to get there. This requires resources like a map and a budget to accomplish. Furthermore, this map should include smaller micro-goals that lead you to achieving your long-term ambitions.

“I’m very big about setting micro-goals, or very, very small goals,” Meisel said. “So for that person who needs to write a book, for me a goal would be write a hundred words. Progress is hitting those micro-goals.”

He adds that these micro-goals should be actionable items that you can work on immediately. These are the prerequisites that get your closer to your destination, while giving you a bit of momentum along the way.

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