SpeedMedia's Venice Office

A unique office design can do wonders for a workforce. It can create a lighter mood, boost creativity, create a culture of engaged employees, and increase overall productivity. SpeedMedia, which specializes in post production, distribution and asset management, took this idea to new heights with their Venice Beach office.

The SpeedMedia office is located in the historic Wachowski Brothers Warehouse, which is where The Matrix movies were filmed. In addition to having a great space just a short walk away from the beach, employees get to enjoy the use of Razor scooters in the office, flatscreen televisions, a fireplace, and an open bar for use during and after work hours.

SpeedMedia CEO and President Kenny Francis tells us more about the unique office and how his employees benefit from a little fun at work.

1. Can you describe the different aspects of the SpeedMedia office that make it so unique?

Located in the heart of Venice Beach, SpeedMedia's headquarters used to house the gondolas back when Venice was filled with canals circa 1920. This historical warehouse building was eventually converted into the WB production studio used to create the Matrix movies. Some relics of the Matrix movie production still remain in the space as a reminder of its past.

2. What other perks does SpeedMedia offer employees?

Located two blocks from the center of Venice Beach, SpeedMedia provides their employees community skateboards and beach cruisers and encourages them to take their breaks at the beach. On the rare occasion when the weather is not ideal, there's an employee lounge with free snacks, coffee, drinks, TV, bar, and fireplace for them to unwind during the day.

3. How does the office encourage productivity and creativity?

SpeedMedia supports local Venice Beach artists, and continually features artwork in the space. Fresh flowers, candles, and afternoon baked cookies fill the warehouse with soothing scents. All employees are included in monthly status meetings, and are encouraged to provide thoughts and ideas on all business decisions both big and small.

4. How does SpeedMedia encourage a work-life balance?

SpeedMedia understands that we work to live, not the other way around. Therefore, SpeedMedia offers flex/comp time for all employees to accommodate their family obligations.

5. What are simple, cost-effective ways startups can change their offices to create a more engaging culture?

Culture is important to the success of any business. It's amazing to see how something so simple as a fresh baked cookie can brighten anyone's day, with 100% success rate.

See more photos of the SpeedMedia Venice Beach office in the gallery below

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