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work someecards

Many offices have some form of Summer Fridays, but this ecard from someecards illustrates one pitfall of such an initiative: low productivity. Let's not kid ourselves: when it's gorgeous outside, it's tough to focus on work, even if said work is enjoyable.

When it seems like your whole team has a case of the f*ck-its, it's time for some challenging goals and tantalizing incentives. Here are a few ideas, inspired by my own version of summer hours:

  • Finish [typical Friday task], end work at lunch.
  • The workday ends as soon as employees finish [typical full day's worth of work], no matter what time that occurs.
  • One full day of telecommuting a week, with predetermined expectations for communication, responsibilities and workload.
  • A day and a half of telecommuting a week, with the same provisions as the previous point.
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