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Marissa Brassfield

When Managing High-Performance Workers, Forget Feedback

[contextly_auto_sidebar id="5zluSizkVqosg2TqtjXl2y5G0tDm6qyX"]The very idea of feedback makes most employees cringe, but it's especially injurious to high-performance workers. In a recent post for Inc., leadership expert Marshall Goldsmith recommends an approach that resounded with me: feedforward. Feedback is inherently focused on the past -- what you did,...

Marissa Brassfield

Why You Need an AI on Your Team

You might have read Bill Gates' recent interview in which he proclaimed that robots will steal our jobs. And he's right... but that isn't necessarily a bad thing for knowledge workers who support entrepreneurs, like me. As I was planning the 2014 Abundance 360 Summit for my client Peter Diamandis,...

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