gen y office workers

Each week, I contribute dozens of articles on Gen Y and productivity to a variety of Web properties. Here are some of my favorite posts from this week.

  • New Research Reveals That Most Work Email is Irrelevant [PayScale]
  • Have Millennials Killed the Concept of the Corner Office? [PayScale]
  • Searching for Documents Costs Companies $3,900 Per Employee Each Year in Productivity Losses [infographic] [PayScale]
  • Is Anxiety Holding Back Women's Careers? [PayScale]
  • How Gen Y Workers Influence HR Departments [infographic] [PayScale]
  • Should More Companies Adopt 37signals' Month-Off Model to Boost Engagement and Retention? [PayScale]
  • How Much Does Obesity Cost Employers? [infographic] [PayScale]
  • Odd Jobs With Surprisingly High Salaries [infographic] [PayScale]
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