As a proud East Coaster, the news I am about to tell you is a bit tough to swallow. A recent report has confirmed that there is one thing the West Coast is better at, and it's kind of a big one. According to a report from Brandwatch and Monster, people living on the West Coast are much more likely to be happy with their careers than those on the East Coast.

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The report analyzed 1.1 million tweets on how people felt about their careers between March 2014 and March 2015. They found that all of the top ten happiest states were located in the West.

According to the report, people on the East Coast get paid well, but salary isn't keeping us happy. The least happiest states include Florida, West Virginia, Delaware and Virginia.

Software engingeeres, technicians, designers, teachers and baristas were among the careers that were likely to use #ilovemyjob on Twitter. On the flip side, government workers, retail workers, truck drivers, healthcare workers, paralegals and administrative assistants were most likely to mention #ihatemyjob on Twitter.

Another interesting fact -- job hate sky rocketed in the summer. More specifically, people were more likely to show distaste for their jobs in July. By November, however, people seem to have a more positive outlook on their jobs. Plus, as expected, people simply dread Mondays -- 70% of survey respondents report having the "Sunday night blues."

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