pomodoro technique

One killer productivity strategy is the Pomodoro Technique; it's still one of the first efficiency tips I give people because it gets them used to working in spurts. You set a timer for 25 minutes, power out work, and then take a break for five minutes. Repeat this process for four total cycles, and then take a longer break.

To supercharge the Pomodoro Technique, try the Ridiculously Efficient spin: working in spurts. Block off an hour in your calendar. Just before that hour begins, minimize all distractions: shut off your phone, close your office door, quit your email application, put on headphones. Then, motor out work for your power hour. Some guidelines:

  • Tackle the toughest task on your to-do list. Alternatively, churn out several smaller items.
  • Shut down the compulsion to check your phone, email or other distracting tech tool. You are an elite athlete, and it's game time.
  • All time during your power hour that's spent in front of a screen is actively dedicated to work. If you're blankly staring at the computer or zoning out, get up from your workstation and reset. Go to the bathroom, reenergize with a snack or a drink. Do jumping jacks, if you have to.

After your power hour, you might feel mentally exhausted; chances are, however, you'll have motored out more work than you might have in twice the time.

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