Google is putting a bigger focus on digital wellbeing, starting with a new feature on YouTube. Mobile users now have the option to receive notifications to remind them to take a break.

YouTube has a lot of great content, but it is easy to get caught in a YouTube spiral, as I like to call it. The spiral is when you click from video to video until you eventually find yourself in the weird side of YouTube. The next thing you know, two hours have passed and you've watched things you really wish you hadn't.

The "take a break" notifications can help stop that spiral. You can set to receive a notification every 15, 30, 60, 90 or 180 minutes to remind you to take a screen break. The notification won't close or stop the app, so you can ignore them -- they just serve as helpful reminders to spend time away from your screen.

To set your "take a break" notifications, click on your user photo in the YouTube mobile app, go to Settings, and click on General. From there, click on "Remind me to take a break," and set your preferred notification.

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