worker asleep at desk

A recent survey conducted by RedBull found that workplace productivity decreases right before a holiday. The infographic below show's just how much employees zone out before a long weekend.

The majority of survey participants (84%) admitted that their productivity diminishes at some point in their workday. However, these number vary throughout the country. 22% of Southerners say they are always productive throughout the workday, while 10% of people in the Midwest said the same.

Factors like a lack of energy, lack of resources, confusion and low motivation were cited in the survey as reasons for low productivity. To help themselves get a boost in energy and concentration, many will turn to their beverage of choice -- 35% will drink water, 24% will grab a cup of coffee and 12% will have an energy drink (the results are from Red Bull after all).

While the infographic is simply an advertisement for Red Bull, the statistics are pretty interesting. What's most interesting to me is how many people cite a lack of resources and overall confusion with their lowered productivity. The answer, then, might simply be to listen to employees and understand what they need to do their job and do it well.

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