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Leaders of companies both small and large are tasked with creating a company culture that is both encouraging and motivating to employees. According to a recent article from Inc., there are three important factors that lead to a motivational culture.

The first is learning. Employees need to feel that they are constantly expanding their skills and knowledge. Create policies in which the company encourages extended learning, such as an agreement to pay for a portion of a certificate course. Hold workshops and ensure employees aren't sticking to tasks that are repetitive. Get them to test their own skills by participating in projects outside of their comfort zones.

The second factor is affiliation. People need to feel they are part of something, something more than the tasks they complete. We need to feel as though we are part of a community. Create a culture in which community plays a large role, in both activities and projects.

Lastly, a motivational company culture needs reaffirmation. Humans need recognition and social reassurance to continue to feel motivated. The last thing you want is for your employees to feel that they have been taken for granted or that their hard work is not being noticed. Recognize people for what they have accomplished and show them that they are a detrimental part of the team.

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