This morning, a friend shared this MIT Technology Review article that outlines the myriad of ways our lives might change if social distancing practices and pandemic measures last 6, 12 or even 18 months.

While I don't usually like playing out doomsday scenarios, we're at a stage where playing out this thought exercise can provide clarity and confidence -- two essential components of a high performer's mindset.

Let's start the conversation together, so we can support each other's thought processes and planning.

I'll include my personal responses to each below.

How would you meet your basic needs?

Practically and tactically, Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a perfect place to begin.

1. Physiological Needs (Homeostasis, Health, Food, Water, Sleep, Clothes, Shelter)

Questions to Consider:

  • What are some of the ways you can create a personal "supply chain" of essential goods?
  • What "alternative" delivery services support your area?

For example, food delivery services like Imperfect Foods, Territory and Daily Harvest are still operational, and we're ordering ~1.25x more food than usual so we're slowly stockpiling without overwhelming the system.

2. Safety Needs (Personal, Emotional, Financial, Health and Well-Being, Protection Against Accidents/Illness)

Questions to Consider:

  • Specifically what elements of your immediate environment make you feel secure? When do you feel psychologically safe?
  • What current revenue sources will remain for the foreseeable future? How else might you earn near-term income?
  • Who in your network is growing, investing and expanding? Where would you like to take your career in the future? What interests can you pursue that would enable you to get paid while you learn a new capability?
  • What new elements can you add to your daily routine right away that would improve your overall health and wellness in the long term? How can you track and measure progress (e.g. biometric wearables) outside of the doctor's office?
  • Do you have sufficient outlets for your energy (e.g. physical movement, creativity)? What options can you explore here?

I have been optimizing the different rooms in our house for tranquility, and using sensory elements like furry blankets and aromatherapy to enhance our relaxation spaces.

Work-wise, although many entrepreneurs have backed off from in-person workshops and advisory sessions that require travel, I'm seeing increased demand in entrepreneurs investing in themselves and their own brands.

Personally, I’m also investing time in opportunities where I get paid to learn, like this future of education community.

3. Social Belonging (Friendships, Intimacy, Family)

Questions to Consider:

  • How can you become more involved in local and online communities with like-minded people?
  • What's the right ratio of "belonging" to solitude for you, personally?

I'm committed to doing everything I can to support the Ridiculously Efficient community, because the work we each do matters. People look to us for guidance on what to do, what to say, and even how to feel. And all that takes cognitive and emotional bandwidth.

I know we're all busy protecting our priorities. I just want you to know I'm here for you, and cheering you on from afar.

4. Self-Esteem

Questions to Consider:

  • How can you increase status, respect and recognition in a digital social environment? (Beyond likes and followers, how can you deliver genuine value and support to people you don't interact with face-to-face?)
  • What forms of contribution make you feel energized?
  • What skills and capabilities give you the most confidence and sense of mastery? What skills would you like to learn?

I love helping entrepreneurs feel empowered and supported, and one way I do this is by creating protective structures, processes and teams that free them up on high-level vision.

I also love connecting with people who share my passions about futurism, technology and social entrepreneurship -- and helping them connect with each other. It lights me up each time I see a new partnership or friendship formed through an introduction I've made.

I'd like to learn how to play the beautiful vintage grand piano in my living room, perhaps along with my son as he grows.

I feel alive and free when Mike, Lily and I are out on a mountain trail by ourselves, relying on our teamwork, orienteering, physical health and situational awareness.


Questions to Consider:

  1. Do you believe you're on a path to fulfilling your life's potential? What can you do to put yourself on that path?
  2. Thinking about your immediate family structure (partner or spouse, kids, pets), what does your ideal setup look like? How can you nurture existing relationships to improve your dynamic?
  3. What goals are most important to you, now and in your lifetime?
  4. What's holding you back from pursuing or achieving those goals? What can you do now to put yourself on a path to achievement?

I believe my biggest days of achievement and impact lie ahead of me.

Mike and I have built such a strong partnership over the last 13 years, and we believe becoming parents will strengthen our bond in a profoundly new way. We never imagined we'd have a child in the first place, so expanding our horizons to include one is a shift in itself! Who knows what the future will hold there.

I'm confident and excited about the career paths I'm paving now, and the transferable skills I'm learning. In particular, this global education community I launched in May feels important, differentiated, timely, and well-aligned. It does have a billion-person impact, and will be lucrative in a platform sense, where the community wins together.

Thus far, what's held me back from major life goals around business and travel is that I tend to prioritize activities that build short-term revenue.

Out of necessity, I've been focusing on things that will drive revenue right now, and procrastinating on some of the long-tail activities that won't have a measurable result for weeks, months or years. To address this, I’ve begun investing time in recurring revenue sources, investing 10% of every paid client invoice, and devoting time each week to long-term strategic thinking.

Your Turn

I realize this is a lot to think through... but I'd love to hear how you're addressing at least one of these needs, and how you might think about this in the future.

Join us at vip.ridiculouslyefficient.com to discuss this in depth with a like-minded group of high performers, or send me a text at (818) 536-7098 to text one-on-one.

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