Most of us don't make any considerations before plugging in our phones to charge, but it turns out we're probably slowly killing our batteries. Your iPhone's battery needs a bit of tender, love and care in order for it to have a long, healthy life -- and save you from having to plug in multiple times a day. Here are a few charging hacks that will make your iPhone's battery last longer.

Don't Let Your Phone Die

Every time you let your phone die completely, you're putting a strain on your battery. Be sure to plug in before your battery life hits 0%.

Don't Overuse Your Wireless Charger

Mobile charging units are super helpful when you phone's battery is getting dangerously low and it's not even 3pm. But using your the mobile charger too much can put longterm strain on your battery. While charging, both the charger and the phone will emit heat, putting your phone at risk of overheating.

Remove Your Case While Charging

Much like the issue of using wireless chargers, you risk overheating your iPhone if you charge it with the case on. The case will trap that additional heat to your phone, causing slight longterm damage to the battery.

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