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Business blogs and managers frequently discuss leadership in the context of others, but today's must-reads center on personal leadership. Highly productive individuals can manage and motivate themselves far better than any boss, and these articles will help you channel your inner leader.

  • A quote from Eli Manning after yesterday's Super Bowl extravaganza inspires a thoughtful treatise on self-focus at work. [Management Craft]
  • Although this article focuses on finding the "star performer" in every employee, it could easily be read as a guidebook on optimizing your own work performance. [Forbes]
  • Eight tips to become a "go-to" person at work, followed by an argument for becoming the person who builds a team of "go-to" people. [Work Awesome, SmartBlog]
  • This column is about happiness at work, but it also raises excellent points about managing your own expectations, or "rules." [Inc.]
  • The new definition of leadership success can also be construed as the new definition of personal leadership at work. [Forbes]
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