second life management strategies

Forbes contributor Peter Cohan recently interviewed Second Life founder Philip Rosedale and uncovered three radical management strategies he uses to improve company culture. Could these ideas boost your team's morale and, in turn, improve their productivity?

The Love Machine

The Love Machine is a series of video monitors via which employees can recognize each other with short messages. Rosedale says the Love Machine lets workers "tip each other for good work, and also to keep a very high degree of awareness about what everyone was doing, even as the company grew."

What measures do you have in your office to let employees publicly acknowledge each other for help given or work well done?

The Rewarder

Rosedale ditches the traditional bonus system in favor of a peer-driven one. Each employee gets $1,000 to dole out to fellow employees however they please. This system, says Rosedale, "engaged a huge collective intelligence in performance review."

This Second Life strategy also frees managers from meetings about how to divvy up bonuses. Could this incentivize teamwork in your office?

The CEO Survey

Each year, Second Life employees answer a three-question survey about their CEO. The questions are as follows: Do you want to keep Rosedale as CEO? Do you think he is getting better or not at the job? Why?

Such a system keeps higher-ups in check and shows employees that their opinions matter.

Do you think your organization could benefit from some of these Second Life management strategies?

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