top 10 resolutions

'Tis the season of New Year's resolutions, and these top 10 resolutions for productivity will help you start 2012 off the right way. While your list of resolutions might seem daunting, remember to ease into each item on your list slowly: it takes time to build healthy, positive habits.

  1. Hack your workday for maximum effectiveness. I recommend the Track, Hack and Attack method.
  2. Optimize your work environment for productivity. This list of resources will help you get started.
  3. Pick a task manager and use it faithfully. To achieve mental feng shui, you must clear your mind of clutter.
  4. Work in spurts. Divide your workday into power periods interspersed with rest periods.
  5. Build downtime into your day. Downtime is essential for creativity. Embrace it and protect it to foster imagination.
  6. Leverage Parkinson's Law. This article will help you supercharge work productivity by creating urgency.
  7. Email efficiently. Develop email discipline with these tips.
  8. Manage decision fatigue. Make better decisions at work by mastering decision fatigue management.
  9. Exercise to boost productivity. Improve your efficiency by exercising to blow off steam and recharge.
  10. Work hard, play harder. Work-life balance is achievable if you make it a priority. Keep things in perspective with the Ridiculously Efficient mantra.
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