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Marissa Brassfield

My 3-Step Stress Management System

Why does it seem like some people effortlessly manage stress while others are easily overwhelmed? The answer may lie in the differences between our anxiety threshold — the level of anxiety that, once reached or surpassed, affects our performance. In this post, I’ll share my three-step stress management system. Stressors...

Rosemina Nazarali

Why Everyone Needs an Extreme Mentor

One type of high performer is the one who has overcome overwhelmingly trying times and obstacles. They have equipped themselves with tools, resources, and skills to ensure they continue to be top performers when these trying times present themselves or as a result of these obstacles. They also make the...

Marissa Brassfield

4 Steps to Changing Your Bad Luck

Many people will tell you that success comes with the perfect combination of talent, luck and hard work. But recent research from the University of Catania in Italy found that luck might have a lot more to do with it than you might think. Luck vs. Hard Work I grew...

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