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Marissa Brassfield

Avant-Garde Offices: Twitter San Francisco

A little birdy (aka Mashable) told us about Twitter's new headquarters in the mid-Market area of San Francisco. Complete with a yoga studio, an arcade, beautiful common areas and a breathtaking garden rooftop, the new digs definitely help Twitter soar to greater heights. The new location isn'...

Marissa Brassfield

Avant-Garde Offices: Mozilla [PHOTOS]

This week's Avant-Garde Offices star is Mozilla, the company behind open-source browser Firefox. Its Mountain View and San Francisco offices were designed by MKThink with collaboration and openness in mind. The Mozilla office emphasizes teamwork at every turn. Coworking spaces, event areas, team rooms and mini cafes abound;...

Avant-Garde Offices: New Facebook HQ [PHOTOS]

In kicking off a brand-new Avant-Garde Offices series here at Ridiculously Efficient, it seemed only appropriate to feature the new Facebook HQ first. As a child, you were probably allowed to mark your height on the wall with a pencil yet reprimanded for writing graffiti. Imagine as an adult working...

Marissa Brassfield

Why Your Office Needs a Quiet Zone

If your office has an open floor plan, you need a quiet zone. Open-plan offices may promote collaboration and creativity, but they don't offer the tomblike silence and lack of visual distractions that many need to focus and crank work out. That's where a quiet zone...

Marissa Brassfield

Inventionland is the Epitome of a Creative Office

Pittsburgh-based Davison Inventionland is one of the most creative offices in the world; its 61,000-square-foot factory houses 16 themed workspaces fitted with waterfalls, castles, racetracks and more. Founder George Davison designed the work environment solely to foster employee creativity, and his efforts have paid off: the factory turns out...

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