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Marissa Brassfield

Disappearing Office Forces You to Stop at 6 PM

Amsterdam design studio Heldergroen has an approach to work-life alignment that we at Ridiculously Efficient can definitely get behind: a disappearing office in which the desks vanish at 6 p.m. each day. [contextly_auto_sidebar id="a6gpfObFq2NNl80HJFB6DxEFaNxpQ6rV"]You read that right. The workspaces are all connected to...

Marissa Brassfield

Avant-Garde Offices: Twitter San Francisco

A little birdy (aka Mashable) told us about Twitter's new headquarters in the mid-Market area of San Francisco. Complete with a yoga studio, an arcade, beautiful common areas and a breathtaking garden rooftop, the new digs definitely help Twitter soar to greater heights. The new location isn'...

Marissa Brassfield

Avant-Garde Offices: Microsoft Vienna

The Microsoft Vienna offices prove that the global tech giant isn't messing around when it comes to luxurious design. After winning an architecture competition to design Microsoft's Vienna base, Austrian architectural firm INNOCAD Architekur got to work on the grounds. Set up as an oasis of...

Marissa Brassfield

Avant-Garde Offices: CouchSurfing [PHOTOS]

You might imagine that a company like CouchSurfing, whose business it is to help people find places to stay while traveling, would itself host a cozy environment for employees. With a cozy wooden loft and, of course, plenty of couches, CouchSurfing's offices definitely practice what employees preach.. Plants...

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