office productivity perspectives

This Mercer infographic reveals that managers and employees have distinct perspectives on how their organization fosters and incentivizes productivity and engagement. Mercer asked 2,400 U.S. employees about their organization's setup, and rank-and-file employees were far more skeptical of their job than managers and senior managers were -- a disconnect that could negatively affect employee morale, retention and overall output.

For example, 82 percent of senior management felt that their performance was rewarded when they did a good job, but just 34 percent of nonmanagement felt rewarded for a job well done. The chasm continues to workplace innovation: 81 percent of senior management felt encouraged to develop new and better ways of doing things, but only 52 percent of nonmanagement employees felt similarly.

Check out the full Mercer infographic below (click for a larger version).

mercer infographic
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