I'm Marissa Brassfield, your guide to the human side of AI. 🙋🏽‍♀️ I help leaders work smarter, live better, and embrace the future with confidence and integrity.

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Ridiculously Efficient

How Knowing Your Personality Type Boosts Productivity

Are you working in alignment with your natural strengths and rhythm, or are you trying to force yourself into someone else's playbook?  Understanding your unique personality type can be the key to unlocking sustainable productivity and finding more productive hours in your day without blindly going through your...

Ridiculously Efficient

Failing Up: Why Setbacks Prepare You for Success

They say failure is the stepping stone to success. Still, when major setbacks strike, coping productively takes Herculean resilience. Over 15 years empowering entrepreneurs and teams, I've found that how you respond to adversity, when you embrace failure, that's what defines your capacity to achieve ambitious...

Ridiculously Efficient

Listen to Your Body: Biohacking Tips For Energy Optimization

My mission is helping leaders create a life-changing relationship with time and energy. This relies on radical self-awareness and understanding how you uniquely operate to unlock peak performance. After 15+ years working with top entrepreneurs around the world, I’ve experimented extensively with biohacking techniques – from intermittent fasting to mindfulness....

Ridiculously Efficient

From Rigidity to Resilience: Cultivating Adaptability in an AI-Driven World

The skills that brought professional success over the past century are insufficient for the age of Artificial Intelligence.  Industrial-era employees were rewarded for rote expertise, linear thinking, and stability...  But as technology reshapes industries overnight, a new breed of agile, future-ready mindsets is required for organizations to truly excel. 🧠At...

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