work dreams
work dreams

Do you dream about work? More than 1 in 5 British workers regularly dream about their boss, according to a recent poll conducted for Premier Inn hotels. The same ratio of respondents reported having more work-related dreams as their pressure and stress levels increased.

It's tough to have a good night's sleep when you're worried about work, but it's even tougher to have a productive day at work when you haven't had enough sleep. Fight sleeplessness, stress and burnout with mental feng shui: add all of your burning concerns, ideas, to-dos and research notes into your organization system so you no longer need to devote brainpower to them.

Next, remind yourself that this system will be ready for you when you start your workday, and that there's no sense worrying about your to-dos and tasks until then. Emotionally detach from energy-suckers like office politics, coworkers and your boss; instead, zero in on energy-givers like loved ones, your pets, exercise and hobbies.

I used to dream about work all the time, but last year I used the tips above and began to think of my work and play periods as two sides of a coin -- complementary yet unmixable -- and haven't had many work-related dreams since. How do you contend with work dreams?

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