If you travel a lot for work, you've probably experienced how difficult it can be to be away from the people you love the most. This distance can take its toll on relationships, and even the ability to stay connected through text and video chats isn't always enough. A company named The Touch wants to keep couples together, no matter how far they might be from each other. They created a ring that allows you to feel your significant other's heartbeat.

This might sound a bit out there, but those who do travel quite often know how impactful these little comforts can be.

Called the HB Ring, this piece of jewellery lets you feel your loved one's heartbeat in real time by simply tapping the ring. The ring works alongside an app that is dowloaded to your smartphone. You simply connect the ring and make sure your bluetooth is turn on so your loved one can pair with you and hear your heartbeat. The ring itself is equipped with sensors to read your heartbeat and send the information to your partner's ring.

The rings are made of stainless steel and come in black or a rose gold design. The rings have a sapphire surface, making it almost impossible to scratch.

Pricing for the HB Ring starts at $2,990 for a pair. Head to The Touch's website for more information.

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