I began drinking high-performance Bulletproof Coffee out of sheer curiosity.

Boasting the ability to boost energy and cognitive function, it started to make its way through my network, and I was hearing success stories at professional events and from people I know and trust, including Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey.

As someone who is always working toward improving myself and optimizing my day, I knew I had to give it a try.

Two-plus years later, I can confidently declare it’s catalyzed some major positive lifestyle changes

Most notably, Bulletproof-style coffee helps me stay full from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. window, allowing me to maintain an effectively ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting. (I say “effectively” because Mike and I don’t blood test, but we experience all the positive effects of someone burning fat as fuel versus sugar.)

I also find that it helps to mitigate the jitters (and crash) from the caffeine. I feel satiated, calm and focused -- and my brain loves the fats from the MCT oil and ghee.

Two years later, I think I’ve finally perfected the best Bulletproof Coffee recipe for me.

1 cup black coffee
1 tbsp. MCT oil
1 tbsp. Ghee
1/3 tsp. Red Reishi Mushroom Powder
1 scoop Bulletproof Collagen Protein
1 scoop collagen peptides
Stevia to taste
Cinnamon to taste

Combine ingredients and blend (using a blender or beverage frother).

Note: The primary reason I use two different collagen protein powders is for consistency. I used to just use the Bulletproof protein powder, and while I still enjoy it, my coffee tends to separate a bit too prematurely for my liking. Adding a scoop of the Sports Research collagen peptides helped tremendously, and that’s how I’ve made it ever since.

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