You might think that blog comments, likes and Facebook comments are boosting your traffic and backlinks, but according to this HubSpot infographic, social media engagement doesn't grow reach. HubSpot found that blog comments don't lead to more pageviews or more links, and that Twitter accounts with over 1 million followers converse less (but tweet more links) than those with under 1 million followers.

So should you stop engaging with readers via social media and your blog's comment section? Not necessarily -- but this infographic does offer valuable perspective. If your goal is to:

  • Foster a vibrant community, traffic or no traffic: continue to engage with your fans and readers.
  • Raise your blog's traffic: focus the bulk of your time on activities that are proven to raise traffic, like frequent posting and networking with other bloggers, and devote a smaller block of time to engagement.

Check out the full infographic below:

conversation reach infographic
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